Paste and Paste

Vampires, werewolves, witches, voodoo priestesses — I’ve never been intrigued by the whole “urban fantasy” fad, which in my opinion mostly consists of hackneyed horror movie clichés marinated in estrogen. I’m reminded of the Simpsons episode where Lisa’s fantasy novel is cookie-cut by a committee until it is nothing more than a copy of everybody else’s.

So when I saw the following catalog page in the monthly Science Fiction Book Club mailer, I had to wonder:

That backless, armless gown… that mysterious entryway ahead… that long, long wind-blown head of hair…

Was this a blow for truth in advertising? A snarky crypto-comment by an SFBC editor who secretly feels as I do? Or just an unfortunate coincidental outing of a graphic artist who took a shortcut thinking that he wouldn’t get caught?

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2 Responses to Paste and Paste

  1. The Crimson Pirate says:

    OK I know this is a really old post but,……Science Fiction Book club?!?! Holy crap! I had no idea that was still around. I let my membership run out back around 1988 or 89.

    • henrybowman says:

      I check them out every seven years or so, when they have enough new offerings to pique my fancy. In the short term of a year or thereabouts, their catalog tends to be very, very stale.

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