Cashless Society, meet Pony Express

Here’s an excerpt from a page at, explaining how to submit payment for your Medicare premium. As you read it, see if you can figure out if anything obvious is missing.


To summarize: you can have your bank send the government a check; you can give the government permission to vacuum money out of your bank account; you can write a paper check and send it via snail mail; or you can charge it to your credit card…¬†and send it via snail mail.

Gee, Uncle Sam, how about: you can charge it to your credit card online at our massive Medicare website? Or how about: you can ask us to charge your credit card automatically each quarter?

Are either of those entirely unthinkable?

Maybe this is all due to the Medicare Paper-Pusher Clerks Full Employment Act of 1963. Or perhaps the geniuses who programmed the original Obamacare website are now all under long-term contract to the burgeoning fast food industry.

You can pay the IRS with a credit card on their website. You can pay your child support with a credit card on a state government website. You can pay for classes at Aunt Hattie’s Knitting School with a credit card on her website… and if Aunt Hattie can set that up in a day, certainly our best and brightest inside the Beltway should be able to do it within a matter of years. Clearly, it would be less expensive for the government than handing tons of soon-to-be waste paper daily.

I’m sure the federal government has priorities. I just don’t see the logic in many of them.

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