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Who’s the brains of this gang?

I’ve received something like 30 copies of this pump-and-dump scam spam over the past two days, all identical except for the forged sender names: Alright, let’s get right to it… We’ve been out of touch for a while. I’ve been … Continue reading

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ChannelMaster DVR+ Announced

Earlier, I blogged about the abysmal quality and user interface of the ChannelMaster CM7400 Over-The-Air DVR. Last week, I received an announcement from ChannelMaster for their new DVR+ product, an upgraded unit for the same application. There are a few … Continue reading

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Error: Fatal Error in Error Reporting; Please Report This Error!

If stupidity came in styles, like prose and poetry do, this would be a Stupidity Haiku: Better yet, if stupidity were music, this would be a “round,” like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. (In case it’s not obvious to the … Continue reading

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Tycho Brahe Had A Word For It

The word was “hose.”

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Last Call at The Last Mall

About once a week, I get email from Sam’s Club listing “this week’s top sellers.” I am constantly flabbergasted to see this item appear right up at the top of the list at least three out of every four weeks:

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How to Succeed in Monkey Business

While Googling for a hard drive upgrade for an older laptop, I encountered an site called ePartsGiant who was selling 80GB 7200RPM Travelstars for half the price of the competition. They were advertised as new, in-box, with a 30-day warranty. … Continue reading

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Dressed for Regressed

I love Andy Ihnatko’s columns. He’s like the Dave Barry of Macintosh tech columnists… or maybe more the Penn Jillette. But his column in the November 2010 Macworld near to made my brain explode from cognitive dissonance: This photo has … Continue reading

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